In the past, dental impressions have been a less than impressive. Getting impressions of your teeth meant sitting in the chair a mouthful of material that tasted bad, smelled worse, and often made it hard to swallow. And it was held in place by a tray that did not exactly sit well in your mouth. At our office those issues are a part of the past. Dr. Chotiner uses the iTero Element™ Scanner. No more gagging, no more watery eyes, and no more goop.
With iTero Element, the dentists uses a wand to digitally capture pictures of your teeth and gums. You and the dentists can watch on the screen as the images instantly appear. Within seconds, the dentist has a 3-D model of your mouth and teeth that can be used to plan your treatment and even give you an idea how your smile will appear after treatment with clear aligners.


Why iTero Element?

What are the benefits of iTero Element digital impressions? They are more comfortable than the traditional method. iTero impressions do not require messy impression material that smells and tastes horrible. And, it eliminates the problems with breathing and swallowing and gag reflex issues that come with impression paste. With iTero Element, our dentist only needs to take your impressions once. Finally, the iTero system creates precise images that will enable our dentist to craft restorations that fit your smile perfectly. If you are starting a clear aligner treatment, iTero Element enables faster delivery of your aligners, allowing you to start treatment sooner.
We invite you to learn more about how the iTero Element Scanner can improve your patient experience. Call our office today and a member of our team will be happy to help you plan your appointment.